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The universal bending machine from the market leader

Since 1992, Indumasch machines have developed into one of the market-leading brands in the bending technology sector. When purchasing and using an Indumasch universal bending machine, you can benefit from decades of experience in the manufacture of bending machines and modern customised tools. Regardless of your industry, we will be happy to advise you on how to fulfil your production requirements in a highly efficient manner.

Many well-known companies from different industries already rely on Indumasch bending machines and produce bent parts that are used worldwide.

Indumasch minibend 01 Indumasch sonderloesung IMG 3629 DSC04153 RGB 16x10 Indumasch sonderloesung IMG 1030
Testing of bent profiles at PBT Siegen, Germany Indumasch sonderloesung IMG 2089 Indumasch sonderloesung cu 2 Indumasch sonderloesung DSCN3514 Indumasch sonderloesung IMG 0135 Indumasch sonderloesung IMG 1085

Your customised Indumasch bending machine

When selecting, planning, designing and equipping your bending machine, we take into account all the requirements of your production practice. Regardless of your industry, our team develops customised solutions for your company based on many years of experience. All special tools for your bending machine are customised to your needs, so that economical and efficient work is guaranteed in the long term. All processes, such as compression moulding, bending and straightening or tube bending and punching through to cutting, can be adjusted so that they correspond precisely and repeatably to your specifications.

To ensure that all functions of the bending machine can be utilised directly, we offer our customers employee training courses in which all questions relating to the new tools and the possibilities are answered. Should any further questions arise during day-to-day work with the bending machine, we will be happy to answer them by telephone.

On request, we can also take care of maintenance and regular servicing to ensure that the bending machine has a long service life and runs smoothly. Should technical problems nevertheless occur, the team will be on site as quickly as possible to take care of the repair.

Tips, tricks and exchange of experience in relation to the bending machine

Our Indumasch team maintains close contact with customers and is always interested in incorporating their experience of using the bending machine and other equipment and tools into further development. User days are therefore organised at regular intervals. Here, customers can ask questions, receive tips and tricks from the professionals and exchange experiences.

Ralf Wagener and Thomas Büdenbender