Notching machine DAV 206

Angle-adjustable notching machine with "combi" function

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Note: Indumasch notching machines have not been produced since 2023. Since then, we have continued to supply our customers with notching machines with spare parts and carry out repairs as required.

The DAV 206 model is a particular highlight among the notching machines. This can be used in two work steps:

DAV206 01

1st station: Notching in the 30°-140° range with all the benefits!

The automatic cutting gap adjustment, measuring tapes with a total of 5 reading functions, an inside stop for cutting sheet metal strips to length and clean cuts that go beyond the length of the blade without any contact are all included.

2nd station: Punching, folding & cutting? No problem at all!

The system can also be used like a small press. Digital stroke adjustment and a quick-change tool system for punching are available.

INDUMASCH offers both standard and replacement tools. Customised tools for special applications can also be developed on request.

Video: Indumasch notching technology

Notching machine and application training courses

The decision in favour of an INDUMASCH machine is a decision in favour of state-of-the-art technology and high quality.

To ensure that all the advantages and technical possibilities of the notching machines can be utilised quickly and to their full extent, the operators are trained to become real experts within a very short time as part of professional training courses - so nothing stands in the way of efficient work with optimum production results!

Both in-house training courses, which are carried out directly on the new machine, and training courses in the INDUMASCH test workshop can be organised. The latter is ideal for training employees in advance so that they are already familiar with the INDUMASCH solution on the day of commissioning.

IMPORTANT for existing customers: New projects or staff changes mean a lack/loss of KNOW-HOW. This costs productivity and efficiency is lost. Production results leave a lot to be desired. DON'T LET IT GET THIS FAR. Request a free and non-binding retraining offer for your employees now. Our bending experts will keep you up to date.

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Brochure: Indumasch notching machines

Detailed information on Indumasch notching machines in handy A4 format. We will be happy to send it to you by post on request.