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Our bending press is a horizontal press. It is manufactured with tight tolerances and therefore achieves maximum reproducibility. The positioning accuracy is between ±0.03 mm and ±0.05 mm.

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The technology of the DUOBEND press brake

The stroke can be adjusted by handwheel or programmed using a SIEMENS PLC control. The SIEMENS control system is an open control system that allows several machine functions to be programmed so that it can be used for moulding, bending, straightening, tube bending, punching, cutting, etc., depending on the application.

We have decades of expertise in the development of special bending and punching tools that are used on our bending presses. Whether in the production of machines with special tools for the aviation industry, the manufacture of handles in the furniture industry, the production of copper welding gun electrodes, specially shaped assembly irons for tunnelling or clamping rings for pressure cookers, special straightening systems for profiles in vehicle construction... an almost inexhaustible field of applications lies behind or ahead of us.

The large bending press from INDUMASCH with a pressure capacity of 45 tonnes and a stroke of 300 mm is characterised by its extremely heavy design. The special feature: It is able to bend particularly heavy steel profiles - paired with a double cylinder system.

Technical data

  • 450 kN capacity
  • Bending capacity: e.g. 150 x 25 mm sheet steel
  • 300 mm stroke on the x-axis
  • Machine dimensions L 1870 x W 1030 mm
  • 950 mm Working height
  • 1050 kg Machine weight
  • 5.5 Kw Hydraulic drive
  • 400 V, 50 Hz Electrical connection
Testing of bent profiles at PBT Siegen, Germany

Video: Indumasch universal bending machines

Bending machine and application training

The decision in favour of an INDUMASCH machine is a decision in favour of state-of-the-art technology and high quality.

To ensure that all the advantages and technical possibilities of the bending machines can be utilised quickly and to their full extent, the operators are trained to become real experts within a very short time as part of professional training courses - so nothing stands in the way of efficient work with optimum production results!

Both in-house training courses, which are carried out directly on the new machine, and training courses in the INDUMASCH test workshop can be organised. The latter is ideal for training employees in advance so that they are already familiar with the INDUMASCH solution on the day of commissioning.

IMPORTANT for existing customers: New projects or staff changes mean a lack/loss of KNOW-HOW. This costs productivity and efficiency is lost. Production results leave a lot to be desired. DON'T LET IT GET THIS FAR. Request a free and non-binding retraining offer for your employees now. Our bending experts will keep you up to date.

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Ralf Wagener and Thomas Büdenbender

Brochure: Indumasch universal bending machines

Detailed information on Indumasch press brakes in handy A4 format. We will be happy to send it to you by post on request.